"Luck favors the prepared" -Edna Mode from The Incredibles

Often I hear people say "man that person is so lucky" when they see a famous athlete, musician, actor/actress and so on. What these people don't see is the behind the scene work that is done in preparation for the opportunity to achieve their goals. Last year I was fortunate to meet an upcoming boxer from India named Fes in Las Vegas while Chillaxin in jacuzzi. Fes is now under contract with Roy Jones Jr's promotion company. He invited me to watch him spar at Floyd Mayweather's gym and I went. It was an amazing experience to see pro's and upcoming boxers discipline, focus and determination to prepare themselves for their opportunities. Opportunities are always there in our lives however it is the prepared that are ready to grab the opportunity and run with it. We must prepare our mind and body for the opportunity. The opportunity will come, don't let it pass because you were not prepared. "Luck favors the prepared" -Edna Mode from The Incredibles.